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Social Engagement Productivity, Content Insights and Relationships Visibility: 7 reasons to use Engagio daily

Engagio’s promise is to track all your online conversations in one place, saving you time when you are replying, and giving you visibility into the relationships that emanate from these conversations.

Here are seven (7) reasons to use Engagio daily and benefit from productivity gains, content insights and relationship management. 

1) Manage your Comments and Conversations replies like Email
Why go to multiple sites to check on replies, or thumb through multiple notification emails to find the ones you want to reply to? You’re bound to miss replies. Instead, just glance at your Engagio Inbox and reply from there. And if you just hover over the message lines, we’ll reveal the last message in a handy pop-up, so you could quickly hone-in on the ones you want. 

2) See the Relationships behind the Conversations
In the Engagement folder, Engagio automatically tracks the people that you’ve conversed with. We count the number of direct interactions, and you can sort your Contacts according to the total number of Interactions, from you to them, from them to you, or by date of last interaction. And we’ll even highlight the New Contacts so you can focus on them. 

3) Review 1:1 past Interactions with your Top Contacts
With one click, you can review the 1:1 history of Interactions between any one of your Contacts. It’s accessible from the Engagement folder, and you can see a Quick View in the right margin, or a Full view on a page.

4) Search your Comments
Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb made a perfect example out of the Comments search utility. Please give it a read as he explains Engagio’s comment search value. We think that searching your comments is a key feature. Try it and see how we reveal the people behind the comments.

5) Snoop on your Contacts Top Sites
As you make new Contacts, and you increase your interactions with them, we roll them into a Top Contacts tier representing the top 25 percentile of your Contacts. Then, we show you a list of the Top Sites they are regularly commenting on. That’s a great way to discover new Sites you didn’t know about, or to learn more about where your Top Contacts are engaging so you can engage with them in a variety of communities, beyond the one where you first met them.

6) See which Contacts are open to being contacted by you
When two users are on Engagio, one of them can decide to reveal their email 1:1. It’s a private peer-to-peer revelation. Just hover over the envelope next to their name in the Engagement folder, and toggle it so that it shows an arrow pointing to them. When they visit their engagement page, they’ll see an arrow pointing to them and it will reveal your email to them. It’s a subtle way to making the first step for connecting.

7) Review the Links that were shared during your conversations
That feature is worth its weight in gold. How many times did you wish you could do that? It’s all here, and you’ll see the full Comment where the link was shared. 

If you have found more reasons to use Engagio daily, please email us. We’d love to know.